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Client Testimonials

My late husband and I first had the benefit of Paul Mabon’s advice for several years when he was employed by a well known national firm of financial advisers and looked after our financial affairs.

He gave us an excellent service during this time and I was very pleased to transfer my business to him in January 2011 when he established Brookdale Independent Financial Planning. He has managed my portfolio with great care and skill and his advice has always been well researched, soundly based and clearly presented. I have especially valued the close personal attention I have received from Paul and the fact that he keeps my portfolio under continuous review and takes the initiative to recommend changes so that I obtain the best value from my investments. On a personal level I have greatly appreciated the patient and friendly approach which Paul takes in discussion and correspondence with me.

In summary, I am very happy with the high quality service which I receive from Paul Mabon.

Mrs HL, Kent

Prior to setting up Brookdale Paul has given us excellent financial advice over many years. Since the start of his new company this has continued in an even more highly personalised way. He is ever mindful of our particular requirements and his recommendations have always proved to be sound even during recent international turbulence on the financial markets. We have every confidence in his advice. It is a pleasure working with him and we feel reassured having him on our side.

J&S, Surrey

Having recently set up as a self-employed Pilates instructor I realised I now needed to review my financial position. I contacted Paul through his links with Body Control Pilates and was impressed with not only his efficiency and professionalism but his understanding of my business and personal requirements. I am happy knowing that Paul will be reviewing my financial plans and objectives from now on.

JW, Kent

Working with Paul as my IFA is a very reassuring experience. I feel that he has taken a rigorous and systematic approach to understanding my attitude to risk, and has helped me to understand how that attitude is the fundamental underpinning to a sound investment strategy. He is well informed, balanced in his views, insightful and personable. He is proactive in the management of my portfolio and is very responsive when I have questions. I have no hesitation in saying that he is the best IFA that has provided advice for me.

GL, Bucks

My belief is that you should feel safe, comfortable and assured that a financial advisor is really considering your personal aspirations, your business and your finances as a whole. Paul has a truly holistic approach. My experience has been that he considers my situation fully, weighs everything up and looks at everything from all angles. I feel sure he is working for my best interests and am pleased to know that there is someone with his knowledge to whom I can turn when deciding how best to take my business forward.

CN, Yorks

We have always felt very comfortable with both the manner of presentation and quality of advice offered by Brookdale IFP. A personal, efficient and effective service which we would be happy to recommend.

P&J, Merseyside

It's hard to appreciate the value of a good Independent Financial Adviser until you've got one, and I believe I've got one with Brookdale IFP Ltd.

JG, Wirral

I contacted Brookdale IFP for some general advice about my personal pension.

Paul explored all the options to get the best deal available for my retirement annuity. He has also helped us with our other investments and has given us some excellent advice in reviews he has compiled for us. We feel safe in the knowledge that Brookdale IFP are looking after our financial future and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

A&K, Wirral
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