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Our Charges

In setting our charges, we aim to be affordable to those who value the service that we provide, whilst also being profitable - we want a long-term relationship with clients, and we can't do this if we are not profitable or clients cannot afford our services.

Charges are a fact of life - we need to be paid for the advice that we provide - but it is very much in our interests to be clear and open about the level of those charges. We fully understand that however much a prospective client may want to utilise our services, their concerns over the actual cost of using those services may prevent a relationship starting. That is why at the end of our initial meeting (which is free of charge), if we feel that we can help you then we will give you our best estimate of the likely cost of designing and implementing a financial plan for you, and for continuing to review it with you.

Our intention is that the cost of being a client of Brookdale IFP Ltd is ultimately lower than the cost of not having a financial plan; this can be measured in many ways, including the peace of mind that expert financial planning can bring, as well as the convenience of having a consolidated record of all plans and investments.

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